What was the coaching experience like for you and why?
Looking back, the coaching experience was hugely beneficial to me. At the time I was nervous, emotional and had moments that were not normal to the way I am as a person. It was great to have someone help me through this difficult period in my life. It has definately changed my outlook and helped me to get back to who I really am.

Describe your comfort level when coaching with Fiona?
Being quite a private person, it has never been easy for me to open up to someone I barely know. It didn't take long before my comfort level with Fiona got very high - she it very attentive, genuine and asks some very relevant questions. I have such a comfort level with Fiona that I was able to talk about things that I have never talked to anyone else about.
Describe how the coaching experience helped you to experience change in your life?
The experience provided me with a different approach to my thoughts. I was in a bit of a negative thought rut and the coaching helped me to recognise this and give me some ways to tackle this problem head-on. I am very happy that I followed my instinct to call Fiona because I now feel so much better emotionally and ready to make the changes that I needed. 
Who would you recommend coaching with Fiona to and why?
I would recommend coaching with Fiona to anyone that is struggling to feel 100% emotionally, having troubles to see the light at the end of the tunnel, unsure about the point of life or finding everything as another problem to fix! This is how I was feeling before I met Fiona.
What else could Fiona have provided for you to maximise your sessions even further?
I really don't have any suggestions. Fiona's approach, help and coaching sessions were able to help me through a tough time and I don't know how anything could have been done differently to get more out of them than I actually got - I am very thankful!
Kevin C.
Paddington, NSW


I am tremendously thankful to Fiona for opening the doors in my mind and providing a safe, caring, trusting environment for me to explore where, when and how I formed beliefs that I have carried with me throughout my life.
I was ready to “settle with this is how life is” and I was happy enough but always felt that I had some mental blocks that I couldn’t see passed, get under or push through. I did feel a little scared to have a look as I didn’t know what I would find in those recesses of my mind but Fiona nurtured me through the fear of taking a look.
I am very, very grateful as this wonderful lady did not probe me or try to give me the answers as she merely asked me questions that I never knew to ask myself.
Fiona is an incredibly patient lady as sometimes I would get totally off track.
I have learnt it is okay to feel my feelings and “I am okay just the way I am”, as perfectly lovable today as the day I was born, entitled to have boundaries and ask myself how behaviours are serving me.
I am today, able to have a look at my behaviour patterns and work it through to whether my belief is realistic or whether I should update that belief now that I have more information and an adult brain with the ability to reason.
Fiona’s gentle teachings have made this all possible for me and I am an enriched person who can proceed on my life’s journey freer, feeling the happiness that is just because I am here.
I feel tremendously more loving to my family, friends and most of all to myself and just want to share this glowing feeling with the rest of the world.
I have no hesitation recommending anyone and everyone to Fiona as my experience has been thoroughly enlightening and life altering for the better.
What a Fantastic experience!!
All the best Fiona for today and the future, I have no doubt “Prime your Life” will continue to be a success.

Judy Campbell


"When I found “Prime your life’s” homepage, I had a very good feeling and knew somehow that this is what I needed.
  After going through some family, work and friend issues, which left me empty, and in a very dark place I then knew I needed someone to lean on and that person was Fi.
Having had a few sessions with Fi I felt like a new person, I had found myself, my self-esteem improved drastically. I have my mojo back, which I was missing, and I started changing my views, and my life back around.
Sessions felt like two girlfriends having a coffee, not like I was a client at all. Fi made me feel comfortable with her and comfortable with myself again. I owe her so much……

Kris, Wamberal


What was your coaching experience like for you and why?
My coaching experience with Fiona was so relaxing. During my sessions with Fiona I felt welcomed, acknowledged, and listened too.
I felt that she could almost understand what I was going to say before I said it.
I loved the coaching session because Fiona was focused on my emotions, feelings and what I was talking about.

Describe your comfort level when coaching with Fiona?
When coaching with Fiona I experienced a level of comfort, as if I were sitting with someone who I care dearly about, or a family member.

Describe how the coaching experience helped you to experience change in your life?
OMG! I am honesty so grateful for everything in my life. I no longer focus on the negative things or stresses in life.
I focus on my goals, beliefs and what is happening around me without stress day to day. I believe Fiona has such an incredible power
to capture your attention, help you with any issues and help yourself find the answers to your problems you may have in your life.

Did you have any experiences with the horses at Prime Your Life, if so, what did those experience give you?
I have been so very lucky to have been able to ride on Sovereign the beautiful grey gelding.
Sovereign has actually helped me express emotions that I haven't shown before to family or friends because he can see straight through you.
As like many horses can, Sovereign has such an incredible aurora of feeling, emotion and truth.

Who would you recommend coaching with Fiona to and why?
I have recommended Fiona to most of my family and friends and have been coaching with her for almost 2 years now.
I strongly recommend Fiona to whoever I meet because she is not only a good listener, she is the best life coach and most of all a great friend.
Rhett Chadwick, Outdoor Enthusiast 


Experience of Life Coaching through working with horses

Throughout my life I would like to say I have always felt self-assured, self-confident and can back the decisions I have made if ever questioned.   For all the confidence I believed myself to possess, when it came to a 1000 pound animal like Honey, all my self-assurance left me at the wooden fence.  The only things I knew about horses were: 1) don’t walk behind them, 2) have a flat hand when feeding them and 3) don’t show erratic behaviour. 
Fiona started to talk me through the concepts of the relationship between a horse and a human, and that if the horse felt safe with you and trusted you, that the affection and loyalty that horse would show was immense.  I watched as she directed Honey to perform certain activities in which she would keep changing the commands.   At the beginning, Honey, as any animal would do, did not necessarily respond to the task as directed.  Fiona, very gently, but with absolute authority and conviction would redirect Honey to perform the required task.  I, of course was in awe, as she was in the yard with this powerful animal with such a balance of calmness, compassion and strength.  The horse seemed to respond to Fiona as if she made the horse feel safe and assured.  Then, to my absolute horror, Fiona turned her back to the horse and ran.  The horse (1000 pounds) of course ran at her, and I thought that was it, the horse would take Fiona down if Fiona did not get out of the yard.  The horse did completely the opposite.  When Fiona abruptly stopped but kept her back to the horse, Honey slowed down and gently nuzzled Fiona’s shoulder and hair.  I was in complete admiration at the relationship Fiona had with this horse; the trust and love.  Then Fiona said it was my turn.
Although I was exceptionally terrified (really, quite an understatement), Fiona talked me through the process with patience and compassion for the limits I had within myself of achieving this amazing experience.  At no time did I feel unsafe;  as well as Fiona’s absolute knowledge of the horse, and ability to foresee anything dangerous,  I knew at any time I could crawl through the wooden fence.  The affection and trust I gained from Honey during that session brought me to tears.   Honey taught me that trust and self-assurance with only yourself involved is easy, as there are no other factors, emotions or opinions to deal with.   When you have an animal of such power and strength respond to however you are in that yard, in that moment, is such phenomenon reflection.  When I was unsure and scared, she was, but when I trusted myself in there with her, she responded with only love and trust.  Honey gave me such a gift that day, as she had no underlying agendas or anything expectations from me except leadership, trust, and compassion.  To be a great business person as either an employer or employee, these are three basic attributes to bring and receive in your business to make it thrive and become successful.  I thank Fiona for such an incredible experience and personal reflection.
Ally, QLD

I can strongly recommend Fiona Clyne life coach at Prime Your Life to anyone who is seeking change in their lives.
Fiona has a special gift connecting with people and making one feel comfortable to open up and seek answers. Fiona used gentle yet supportive guidance to help me understand my thoughts, feelings and actions, where they came from and how I can change them positively.
I approached Fiona to understand behavioural patterns that I had been subjecting myself to for many years that had been causing a lot of pain in my life and holding me back from moving forward in both my private life and business career.
By helping me get to the bottom of these patterns I was able to confront my fears, deal with the pain and find solutions and practical approaches to deal with future challenges. I have been given techniques to help clear my mind of negative emotions, and find the strength and confidence to move forward.
Fiona has helped me release a lot of pain in my life and through her on-going guidance I feel I have the skills and support to continue to deal with situations which have held me back from living life to the fullest. Fiona has made a remarkable difference to the way I view and approach all aspects of my life including relationships, friendships and work.
Thank you Fiona for enriching my life in so many ways through your wonderful work and advice. Seeking your services is the best thing I have done for myself in many years.



"Hi just had to let you know - I had the thought that I feel like I am back then I realized the feeling was better than that which was I am now here!! You know how you asked me if today was my last day here how would I feel - my answer now is pretty damned good. This level of inner happiness is fully amazing & sure maybe everything may not have happened if the journey did happen to get cut short. Luckily tomorrow is going to be there when I wake up which just feels exciting - I just buzz every time I think of the series of events that popped you into my life & lol chuckle at how good I feel today. Astounding - one little meeting - your generous offer - "my yeah ok" acceptance, to the here & now absolutely magical, out there hyper feelings of so happy, I am great, I love being here & know this is where I meant to be right now with, for once a great urgency for tomorrow as it will be great regardless of the potholes that may cause me to stay put for awhile. Hmmmm Wow & thanks lol it will probably take a lifetime for me to stop thanking you lol"

JC, Central Coast