Equine Facilitated Coaching

Why Use Horses

The horse is a prey animal and its survival depends on living in the present moment, making accurate assessments, and responding immediately to the environment. Their senses are created and finely tuned for acute awareness , to determine what is going on around them. They are large and powerful creatures yet are sensitive enough to feel the smallest insect on their body.

In contrast to people, horses always respond truthfully to what is actually happening. When interacting with humans, horses respond to what we are actually communicating – not what we think we are communicating. They feel our emotion and anticipate our intention – often before we do. This keeps them safe.

Horses recognise the slightest tension in our bodies. They detect our non-verbal communication - whether or not we are aware of what we are communicating. Horses immediately sense when a person is acting aggressively, passively, fearfully, lovingly or honestly. They feel any inconsistencies between our actions and our emotions, and they respond honestly to what we communicate. Their responses then give us an insight into US and therefore, information about our communication, our emotions, our actions, and our behaviours. THIS IS AN AMAZING GIFT.

How is this VALUABLE to a CLIENT

Interacting with horses provides the opportunity to gain fresh, honest awareness of our truth. Horses have no agenda. They don’t care about our power, position, perceived status, title, degree, or salary. They know our truth. They give us the chance to learn what is often profoundly difficult to learn from our relationships with people.

Successful interaction with horses requires being present in the moment, communicating clearly and consistently, and having thoughts, emotions, and behaviours that are congruent. “Putting on a happy face” when we are angry, afraid, or frustrated does not work with horses.

Using horses during personal, leadership or team building sessions, will provide immediate and direct feedback regarding your intentions and behaviours. This gives the opportunity to learn insight and self- awareness, then create a path for new methodologies for communication and behaviour.

Some Benefits of an Equine Facilitated Team Building Program
  • You will receive instant feedback from your team work strategies and behaviours.
  • Horses, being large powerful animals gives opportunity to create confidence and overcome fears.
  • Horses are honest and non-judgemental. They allow your team member a comfortable environment to explore their position within your team.
  • Participants must be present (unlike in the classroom or office workshop)
  • Opportunity to overcome team challenges.
  • Develop authentic leadership skills and empower others.
  • Learn to Communicate effectively and clearly.
  • Create collaborative relationships with others.
  • Identify and remove barriers within group
  • Engage people in work
  • Create new neural pathways to create possibility of change.

Suitable for all ages and fitness levels. It does not involve horse riding. No prior experience or expertise with horses is necessary.

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